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- Why isn't it possible to place an order ?
Because we are an importer / wholesaler, we only sell to retailers and not to customers. That’s why you can’t order anything directly from our website.

- How can I see what is in stock?
Due to our extensive range with 2000 items, we can only provide the expected delivery time in the dutch description. If you want to know when an item is expected, please click on the Dutch flag.

- I registered myself as costumer, why can't I place my order?
When we recieve your registration, we have to approve it first. Untill you receive a confirmation mail from us, you will not be able to log in.

- Why are there products without a price?
Because we only sell to retailers, there aren't any prices for some of the articles. The retailer is free to decide their own price. We only give suggested prices.

- Where can I buy your articles?
We can show you selling points by using your ZIP code. If you can not find any list of retailers nearby, you can send us an e-mail at
If you send us an e-mail, please make sure to tell us which ZIP code you have and what product you are looking for.